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Alfred's Premier Piano Course, Lesson 6

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Premier Music Review
Mixed Meter
New Italian Term---espressivo
Diminished Triads
B Minor Scale
New Italian Term---rallentando
E-flat Major Scale
The Primary Chords in E-flat Major
Three Types of Minor Scales
C Minor Scale
New Italian Term---robusto
The Primary Chords in C Harmonic Minor
Musical Style Periods: The Romantic Period
New Italian Term---subito
Flat Key Signatures
Two-Octave Scales Beginning on Black Keys
New Italian Term---loco
New Italian Term---calore
The Primary Chords in D-flat Major
Musical Style Periods: The Contemporary Period
New Italian Term---presto
Diatonic Triads
Chord Progressions
Root Position V7 Chords
The ii-V7-I Chord Progression
Musical Style Periods: Popular Music
New Italian Terms---misterioso, animato
New Italian Term---lento maestoso

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