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Alfred's Premier Piano Course, Lesson 4 + CD

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Premier Music Review
Minor Scales
Relative Minor
A Natural Minor Scale
A Harmonic Minor Scale
The Primary Chords in A Harmonic Minor
New Italian Terms---cantabile, simile
Triads in Root Position
One-Octave Arpeggios
Alberti Bass Accompaniment
E Minor---Relative Minor of G Major
E Natural Minor Scale
E Harmonic Minor Scale
The Primary Chords in E Harmonic Minor
1st Inversion Triads
2nd Inversion Triads
New Italian Term---tranquillo
Sixteenth Notes
New Tempo Marking---scherzando
Tenuto Mark
New Tempo Marking---allegretto
New Italian Terms---sforzando, leggiero, dolce, risoluto
Practice Plan

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