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Alfred's Premier Piano Course, Technique 3

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A Note to Teachers
Technique Tools Review
Artistic Etude 1 (The Heart of the Phrase)
The Primary Chords in C
The Primary Chords in G
Technique Tools Review
Technique Tool 1 (Changing Fingers on Repeated Notes)
Masterwork Etude 1
Hands-Together Workshop 1 (C Major Scale in Parallel Motion)
Hands-Together Workshop 2 (G Major Scale in Parallel Motion)
Syncopated and Swinging Scales
Technique Tool 2 (Double-Note Shifts)
Masterwork Etude 2
Hands-Together Workshop 3 (F Major Scale in Parallel Motion)
The Primary Chords in F
Waltz-Bass Accompaniment
Masterwork Etude 3
Technique Tools Review
Artistic Etude 2 (Imagine the Picture)
Technique Tool 3 (Contracting the Hand)
The Chromatic Scale
Artistic Etude 3 (Playing Chromatic Passages Quickly and with Ease)
Masterwork Etude 4
Technique Tool 4 (Ovals for RH)
Masterwork Etude 5
Technique Tool 4 (Ovals for LH)
Hands-Together Workshop 4 (D Major Scales in Parallel Motion)
Masterwork Etude 6
The Primary Chords in D
Hands-Together Workshop 5 (D Major Scale in Contrary Motion)
Artistic Etude 4 (Plan Your Plays)
Technique Tools Review

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