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Schaum Note Speller Book Two

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Lesson 1: Tonality Spelling (G Major)
Lesson 2: Tonality Spelling (F Major)
Lesson 3: Tonality Spelling (D Major)
Lesson 4: Tonality Spelling (B-flat Major)
Lesson 5: Tonality Spelling (A Major)
Lesson 6: Tonality Spelling (E-flat Major)
Lesson 7: Accidentals (Key of C Major)
Lesson 8: Accidentals (Other Keys)
Lesson 9: Ties and Slurs
Lesson 10: Inner Leger Lines
Lesson 11: Inner Leger Lines (continued)
Lesson 12: Outer Leger Lines
Lesson 13: Outer Leger Lines (continued)
Lesson 14: Identifying Intervals
Lesson 15: Writing Intervals
Lesson 16: The Use of Dots
Lesson 17: The Dot After a Note
Lesson 18: The Dot After a Rest
Lesson 19: The Double Dot
Lesson 20: Identifying Triplets
Lesson 21: Further Triplet Study
Lesson 22: Double Sharps and Flats
Lesson 23: Review of Time Signatures
Lesson 24: Correcting Counting Errors
Lesson 25: Identifying Time Signatures
Lesson 26: Measure Completion (Notes)
Lesson 27: Measure Completion (Rests)
Lesson 28: Inserting Time Signatures
Lesson 29: Placing Measure Bars

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