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Alfred's Premier Piano Course, Lesson 2B


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Premier Music Review
A-B Form
New Note F in Bass Clef
New Note E in Bass Clef
New Tempo Marking---Andante
New Notes A and B in Treble Clef
Minor 5-Finger Patterns
Major and Minor 5-Finger Patterns and Chords
Hand-over-Hand Arpeggios
Interval of a 7th
D.C. al Fine
Legato Pedaling
New Dynamic Sign pp
Interval of an Octave (8th)
New Dynamic Sign ff
A-B-A Form
C Major Scale
G Major Scale
The Three-Note V7 Chord in C
The Three-Note V7 Chord in G
Key Signature of G Major
Single Eighth Note and Eighth Rest
Dotted Quarter Note

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