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Progressive Duets Vol I - Trumpet


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This is a comprehensive publication of fifty-two graded duets. Clark has drawn on his extensive experience as a school music teacher and a prominent composer / arranger to create a collection of duets that will be useful in a variety of performances. Playing duets is an excellent way for the student to build ensemble skills with a colleague or teacher. This collection will provide players with refreshing new duets.


No. 1: Minuet
No. 2: Minuet
No. 3: Soldier's Song
No. 4: Fanfare Minuet
No. 5: Scherzando
No. 6: Le Petit Rien
No. 7: Two Duets
No. 8: Two Duets
No. 9: Soldier's March
No. 10: Two Duets
No. 11: Two Duets
No. 12: Moderato
No. 13: Poco Sostenuto
No. 14: Etude
No. 15: Bourree
No. 16: Fantasia
No. 17: Two Duets
No. 18: Two Duets
No. 19: Minuet
No. 20: Old French Song
No. 21: Allegro
No. 22: Two Bagatelles
No. 23: Two Bagatelles
No. 24: The Lion Hunt
No. 25: The Love Potion
No. 26: Allegro Moderato
No. 27: Allegro
No. 28: Allemande
No. 29: Musette
No. 30: Two Duets
No. 31: Two Duets
No. 32: Quintus
No. 33: Crystal Moon
No. 34: Entree
No. 35: Bourlesq
No. 36: Little Hunting Song
No. 38: Spinning Song
No. 39: Vivace
No. 40: Free Flight
No. 41: Canon
No. 42: Canon
No. 43: Minuet and Trio
No. 44: Non so piu
No. 45: Allegro
No. 46: Melody
No. 47: Russian Folk Song
No. 48: Russian Folk Song
No. 49: Allegro
No. 50: Canon
No. 51: Wild Rider
No. 52: Allegretto
No. 53: Allegro Moderato
No. 54: Etude

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