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About Our Name

Okay, some of you want to know what’s up with the name, Kudzu. Mostly it’s random, but as proud, lifelong Southerners we like the idea of a name that is identified strongly with the South. And while you may think of kudzu as an obnoxious weed, it actually has many virtues. Kudzu has been used in basket-weaving since ancient times. Kudzu is edible and is used for food in China, Japan and Vietnam. It can also be used in the production of soaps, lotions, clothing, wallpaper, ancient medicine and tea. But we know that when you think of kudzu you think of that vine that grows on everything until it is completely covered. So here is what we hope will come to mind when you think of Kudzu Music: We want to be the music store in the High Country that “grows on you” and when you’ve got a music need we want to be the ones who’ve “got you covered”.

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